Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Freedom Ring Gay Comic Review


fanboi said...

I have to agree whole-heartedly. I saved myself the cost of the trade paperback by reading the short synopsis that was told in Avengers: Initiative (to catch people up on Crusader). But had already heard about the bashing-style death of Freedom Ring.

What bums me out most is that the straight author jus didn't get the importance of an out gay hero. He said as much when interviewed about killing him. Someone should just tell these creators that we don't want to see more victims. I wanna see the gay guy save the day.

fanboi said...

Glad you commented :)

Always good to connect with other gay geeks. Hope to see more comments from you. I was glad to see you say hi. I spotted your blog early (commented on your second post - but had been primarily watching your youTube posts).

Be sure to look through my archives... you should like most of what I babble about.