Thursday, December 25, 2008

He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special Review


houseofcloer said...

Dear Gay Comic Geek:

I stumbled across your blog as I was researching something completely unrelated to comic books. I want to make a commit by simply saying how wholesome your blog entries are. This piece on He-Man/She-Ra was especially heartwarming as it sent me to a happier time in my life. From my perspective, one of the dominant themes of the great comic books is that we should all use our powers for a greater good. That’s why I went into education as a career because one of the best sources of power that mortals possess is our brains and our ability to think. I learned that from reading comic books. I look forward reading more of your entries in the future, thank you.

Cuphound said...

I haven't heard the Animaniacs sing Christmas Carols since I was back in college! You rock!

Gay Comic Geek said...

Yah!! You guys are awesome! Cuphound, thanks, I didn't think anyone would recognize that song!