Friday, April 17, 2009

Someone Posted me on their blog! (And some car Problems)

Man, I hate my car. I really, really hate it. I was cursing it out the other day like it was a real person. I was yelling, 'you fucking piece of shit, I can't wait to take you to a scrap yard and smash your motherfucking ass! I won't even trade you in cause that would be too good for you!' See, I've had like 10 problems go wrong with it in the past year and it seems like it's almost every month I have a new problem with it and I end up spending $200-$400 fixing it. At this point it's like, how is this cheaper than getting a new car? But now I've fixed it so many times, I feel like I just threw all that money away. I keep hoping that every time I get it fixed that this will be the last time, for a while at least. Ok, I'll stop babbling.

Anyways, my buddy, Mr. Artastic Avenjer did a new pic over at his blog and redid a pic that was taken of me and my boyfriend Steve that was taken last year at Comic Con. I just thought I'd show this off for everyone to see. His site is:

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