Monday, September 7, 2009

Dragon Con 2009!!!

I'm on my way back from Dragon Con tomorrow morning, and so much has happened in this trip. Well, not a lot, just a lot to tell. I'll post a vid up tomorrow night or Wednesday to tell of my exploits. Definitely a lot different than San Diego Comic Con, but still a lot of fun! Here's a pic that was taken at a photoshoot with some fellow cosplayers. I'm Kid Flash in case you didn't know. I wanna give a thanks to Richard Zak for providing the pic and the photoshopping.You rock Richard!


Wonder Man said...

looking forward to it

Wes said...

OMG, you were at Dragon Con! The partner and I went down for the first time this past year! We came back with kilts! I loved it. If you get back down to Atlanta, definitely let me know. I can't wait till next year. There are a few of us going. We live in the northern part of the Metro area.