Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to Work on Monday

Ugh, it was nice having the past 2 weeks off, but alas, I must head back to reality and go and make money again. Which is a good thing too since I'm totally broke from spending so much money in San Diego and just vegging out at home for the past few days. I've also slacked and not gone to the gym for 2 weeks too. Let me tell you, it's been so nice to just lay in bed and watch old reruns on tv and catch up on comics. I haven't shaved in about a week, which is odd for my friends since they're always used to squeaky-clean shaven Paulie, but even something like this feels nice to just not care for a little while. Eating cookie dough with ice cream in bed is like the bestest thing in the world right now and I think the simplest things like this are under-appreciated and need to be done a lot more just to relax and see that not everything is complicated. I know tomorrow I'm going to face a huge set of problems at my office and I'm going to be faced with all kinds of challenges since my job relies on me a lot for support and decisions that need to be made. I only supervise around 10 employees, my department is pivotal for my entire organization, so I'll own up to it and get back to my professional side of life until my next vacation, which probably won't be until around December, but at least I have something to look forward to. I'm not depressed or anything like that, but I do have a feeling of dread heading back to my office, knowing that there's going to be a lot to handle on my first day back.


Cuphound said...

So do your fans get an unshaven picture or what?

Wonder Man said...

I can understand the feeling. My staff and students get back on campus soon so I'm happy but dreading the crazy work load.

Nice meeting you BTW

Keichi Okami said...

Best of luck to you heading back to work. After 4 days off work for con I had to return to work on Monday and it was a bit surreal.

It was awesome meeting you at con, just to echo Wonder Man's sentiment. ^_^

Gay Comic Geek said...

Aww! Wonder and Keichi- It was cool meeting you guys too!

Cuphound- Sorry, I shaved it off already. I honestly didn't think anyone would want to see an unshaven pic of me. That's why I've uploaded my latest vid without being able to see my face. I was afraid I'd scare people away. I grow patches of hair, not a full beard, so it just looks weird.