Monday, August 24, 2009

Tri-Klops Toy Review

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Cuphound said...

Brother, you need some lighting to show off all those details. From recent experience, I can tell you that this can be done very cheaply. I'm currently lighting a series of newspaper that I'm photographing for evidence for my dissertation. The lighting arrangement is described here. Each clamp-on lamp cost $8 at a hardware store. The low-heat, low-energy bulb is another $4. You may even have one in a living room lamp that you can "liberate" during filming. If you want a nylon defuser, that's a little more pricey at $20 at a photo shop. But to adequately light an action figure, you probably don't need more than three. I've shot Christmas ornaments with just two of the three lamps using a defuser and I didn't have any glare problems.